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Youth Racing Clinic

Over the course of six weeks‚ students will meet at MCSC on Saturdays at 9 a.m. for a Skipper’s Meeting. There‚ they will be given the objectives for the clinic. Each clinic will have a separate specific objective‚ a skill that the Race Committee will offer feedback or advice for‚ but the clinic will be a series of races that test all of the student’s skills.

Each boat will have two students‚ who will take turns at the helm for each race. There will be four races per clinic‚ if the wind conditions permit‚ allowing each student a change to practice skipper skills as well as crew skills. There will be a final regatta at the end of the clinics‚ which will allow students to compete and practice their skills‚ with awards given for overall winners of the regatta. This clinic allows students to practice skills learned in their classes on the race course. This allows for students to practice their skills as a team‚ without an instructor aboard‚ yet under supervised conditions. The Race Committee will provide feedback to students on their racing after the clinic is completed.

Prerequisite: Completion of at least one Level 2 sailing program. Level 3 students will be encouraged to race with the junior fleet at least half of the clinics‚ and the 420s in the other‚ as a way to practice racing skills on different boats. Specific clinics will focus on: Starts‚ Rounding the Mark‚ Finishing‚ Downwind Tactics‚ Upwind Tactics‚ and Sail Trim.
Class Size
Minimum 4 - Maximum 30
9 am to Noon
Course Fee
Membership Required
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