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Learn to Sail - Fall & Winter Classes

Lunch on the Lake
Lunch on the Lake 2017

January 18th - Lunch on the Lake: Sailing “La Machine Fou”

MCSC is pleased to present Rick Hake‚ captain of the catamaran Mai Tai‚ who will be talking about his experience delivering Areté‚ an ORMA 60 trimaran. Rick got the chance-of-a-lifetime in the spring of 2015 to help deliver this 62’ wide racing trimaran with lifting foils‚ from Newport‚ RI to Quebec. Rick will share his experience and what he learned onboard and you will begin to understand why sailors around the world call this "La Machine Fou" (Fou is French for “wild” or “crazy”).
Join us to hear more‚ but enjoy the following account from one of the crew aboard that Newport to Quebec passage: “When we finally passed the ice-covered eastern shore of New Brunswick‚ the wind turned directly on the nose at wind speeds of up to 38+ knots. We battened things down‚ reefed to the third reef‚ rolled out the J3 (our smallest jib) and headed into the storm. The boat slammed‚ pounded‚ bucked and plunged into current‚ tide and wind-driven waves. Later‚ the J2 came partially unfurled‚ meaning that the attention of three of us was taken up for one difficult‚ slamming hour getting it unfurled and safely re-furled. Sleeping and eating became impossible…”

February 15th - Lunch on the Lake: MMSD Sewer School

Did you know that 1 single inch of rain in the MMSD service area = 7.1 BILLION gallons of water!?!
Join Milwaukee Metro Sewer District’s Executive Director‚ Kevin Shafter for this great‚ informational seminar. Kevin will be presenting an overview of the MMSD system and how they are transitioning to sustainable‚ natural infrastructure. The focus will be on the steps and initiatives that MMSD is taking to protect Lake Michigan and the regional river system.

March 22nd - Lunch on the Lake: Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse

The white landmark on Milwaukee’s lakefront was constructed in 1926 on a detached mile-long break wall. Constructed of riveted steel and sitting on a large concrete base in 35 feet of water‚ the structure featured art deco architecture inside with a living room‚ dining room‚ kitchen and four Lighthouse Keepers quarters along with the light tower.
Two years after the federal government put the Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse up for sale‚ a Brookfield-based nonprofit group that was founded in 2003 by a Brookfield Optometrist – Randall Melchert‚ acquired the historic facility. Optima Enrichment passed the requirements of the National Park Service to gain ownership of the Breakwater Lighthouse.
Optima Enrichment plans to open the Lighthouse for long-term seasonal uses like safe boating classes‚ scouts projects‚ museum and research. The group plans to use volunteers to help with projects inside the lighthouse‚ which has been automated since 1966. Come learn more about this historic landmark!

April 19th – Lunch on the Lake: Whalebacks!

‘Pignose‚’ ‘McDougall’s Folly‚’ Whaleback.’ There was no shortage of uncomplimentary names for the ungainly lake freighter that appeared on the Great Lakes in 1888. Some said it was a lumbering‚ half-sunk beast while others admired its strangely futuristic lines. The ‘Whaleback’ was a real creation that successfully carried cargo on the Great Lakes for almost 80 years.
“Men who say nothing and do nothing are never ridiculous. Those who hope much‚ believe much and love much make mistakes. Constant efforts and frequent mistakes are the stepping stones to genius.” Capt. Alexander McDougall‚ who invented the whaleback‚ displayed this quotation on his desk. He endured much criticism and ridicule because of his innovative ship design.
Join Suzette Lopez and Connie Behrens-Huffstetter of the WI Marine Historical Society (WMHS) to learn more about these unique boats!
Suzette J. Lopez has been the caretaker of the Gr
Class Size: Minimum 8 - Maximum 35 Time: Noon to 12:50 PM
Course Fee: $10.00
Section Date Time
A - LL 17January 18‚ 2017
Spots Available: 35
Noon to 12:50 PM
B - LL 17February 15‚ 2017
Spots Available: 35
Noon to 12:50 PM
C - LL 17March 22‚ 2017
Spots Available: 35
Noon to 12:50 PM
D - LL 17April 19‚ 2017
Spots Available: 35
Noon to 12:50 PM


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