Speed & Smarts Presents Strategy and Tactics

Both Sessions: Starting and Upwind

Seminar 1: STARTING
This seminar examines the strategy and tactics of Starting. Topics include starting philosophy‚ pre-start planning‚ picking a place to start‚ the importance of line bias‚ using a line sight‚ current‚ defending your hole‚ making a final approach‚ coming off the line‚ troubleshooting‚ evaluating risk‚ key racing rules and more!

Seminar 2: UPWIND
This seminar explains the strategy and tactics of racing Upwind. Topics include how to pick the favored side‚ windshift strategy‚ risk and reward‚ first beat vs. second beat‚ laylines‚ current‚ strategic rules of thumb‚ covering‚ wind shadows‚ tactical positioning‚ light vs. heavy air‚ fleet management‚ key racing rules‚ and more!
Class Size
Minimum 1 - Maximum 50
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Course Fee
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