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Wednesday‚ May 27‚ 2020‚10:00 am

Opening Day!

Opening Day! At MCSC is open to all members in good standing. We look forward to seeing you here at 10:00 a.m. and to get out on the water!
All Summer

MCSC Race Skipper certification

MCSC Race Skipper Certification FEE - $10

In order to check-out and skipper an MCSC boat for ANY racing‚ you must fulfill this classroom requirement and certification process. An “experienced” Medium Air Rating (for 1+ years) required to participate. This class assumes that you have a comfortable working knowledge of the racing rules. To prepare‚ ask for the MCSC Racing Handbook at the office‚ and/or attend the Racing 101 course.

**You can now take this exam ONLINE!** If you would like to do that‚ contact [email protected]

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