Adult Sailing Instruction

Intermediate Sailing Course 22

Fast-paced Intermediate courses will challenge you to improve basic sailing skills‚ theory‚ understanding and decision-making in a variety of wind and wave conditions both inside and outside the breakwater. These four session courses meet Monday through Thursday for one week and focus on boat handling‚ sail trim‚ and intermediate level maneuvers. A great way to build your sailing experience and confidence!

**A Light Air Rating or Instructor consent is required for all MCSC Intermediate courses.**

Please Note: that there is *no* guarantee that a Medium Air Rating will be earned in any Intermediate course. Intermediate courses introduce some additional maneuvers and in-depth sail theory that may require additional time for both practice and experience. Please allow for at least 3 weeks of practice time from completion of Basic classes.

The Intermediate courses will focus on effective sail trim‚ skipper technique‚ decision making and the quick-stop crew overboard maneuver. This is a great course for the experienced Light Air sailor.
Class Size
Minimum 6 - Maximum 12
Afternoon or Evening
Course Fee
Membership Required
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