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Refresher Courses 2021

These courses are for current members who are looking for a few hours with an instructor both in the classroom and on the water‚ in order to refresh skills such as docking‚ maneuvering through the mooring basin‚ and crew overboards.

Light Air Refresher courses are appropriate for any level of Light Air rated skipper‚ especially if you have specific questions that can be addressed in these smaller group settings.

Medium Air Refresher classes are appropriate for members who have recently earned a Medium Air rating‚ or members who just want a little practice on the water with some coaching‚ encouragement‚ and supervision.
Class Size
Minimum 2 - Maximum 6
5:30 to Sunset
Course Fee
Membership Required
Light Air R-A21
May 5-6
Medium Air R-A21
May 3-4
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