2022/23 Winter Seminars and Classes

What’s in your Sail Bag?

Instructor Kristin Pratt will discuss what you should bring with you when sailing‚ where to find the gear you need‚ and how to use tools every sailor should bring along for the ride. Whether you going to be sailing for two hours or two weeks‚ this class is for you!

About your instructor: Kristin is a US Sailing-Certified Keelboat Instructor. Kristin grew up racing on Class X (centerboard boats) and MC‚ M-16‚ C and E Scows. She loves to race when she is able. So‚ watch out if you sail nearby‚ she immediately is in a match race with you even if you don’t know it is happening!
Class Size
Minimum 10 - Maximum 25
Thursday‚ November 17‚ 2022‚ 6-8pm
Course Fee
What’s in your Sail
November 17‚ 2022
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