2022/23 Winter Seminars and Classes

Tie a Lot or Tie a Knot

Gene Cramer will teach:

- What’s a: knot‚ a hitch‚ and a bend?
- Knots Every Sailor Must Know. We’ll navigate our way through the: Sheet Bend‚ Clove Hitch‚ Cleat Hitch‚ Basket Bowline‚ Typical Bowline and the elusive Dragon Bowline‚ Square Knot‚ Rectangle Knot‚ Stopper Knot‚ and the all-important Panic Hitch.
- All the knots we can get through‚ time permitting‚ in Ashley’s Book of 10‚000 knots
- Knots to Avoid

About Gene: First boat: Opti at 13years old. Then an Aqua Cat (precursor to the Hobie Cat)‚ Then a Montgomery 12. Captain and slave to the S/V Lyra since 1975. Storage and Service Manager at Great Lakes Marine. Started the project that ultimately built the S/V Dennis Sullivan.
Founder and president of Cramer Marine Inc‚ 1975 to 2015.
Class Size
Minimum 10 - Maximum 15
Tuesday‚ January 24‚ 2023‚ 6-8pm
Course Fee
Tie a Lot or Tie a K
January 24‚ 2023
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