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Thursday‚ April 8‚ 6-8 pm

Personal Safety Afloat

Personal Safety Afloat Fee $10
Thursday‚ April 8‚ 6-8 p.m.
Brian Adams will help us increase the level of safety for our crew‚ ourselves‚ and our boats during this discussion. Whether you are a brand new sailor or a seasoned veteran‚ join us for a night dedicated to improving safety afloat! A must for any sailor! Hybrid
April 5‚ 2021

COVID-19 Update from MCSC

Updates on MCSC Operations from Holly Church‚ Director

We have made policy changes that will be in effect for the start of our 2021 summer sailing season. MCSC will continue to comply with CDC recommendations‚ as well as local‚ state‚ and federal guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

To start‚ if you are fully vaccinated‚ the COVID Regulations are being eased.  If you are fully vaccinated‚ please bring your Vaccine Card and your Membership Card to the Sailing Center.**  We will be making a copy of your vaccine card for your files‚ putting a special sticker on your membership card‚ and you will be able to sail in almost normal‚ pre-COVID‚ conditions with other fully vaccinated persons for the summer.  EVERY MEMBER who wants to be able to utilize this re-found freedom MUST have this sticker on their membership card.  If you want to bring GUESTS down to sail who are vaccinated‚ they MUST show their vaccine card and ID at the dockhouse.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.  We are sorry‚ but if someone forgets their vaccine card‚ you will fall under the COVID Regulations for Unvaccinated Persons below. 
Open Sailing
7 Days A Week
Monday – Friday: 10:00 am to 30 minutes before sunset
Saturday – Sunday: 1:00 pm to 30 minutes before sunset
Please remember that no boats will be let off the dock after the one-hour-before-sunset mark.
COVID Regulations that are still in place for EVERYONE – Vaccinated or Unvaccinated
COVID-19 Waiver must still be read‚ understood‚ accepted‚ and initialed by all sailing participants.  It is on the check-out sheet. 
Masks must be worn at all times‚ when in the building‚ on the docks and on any boats while with‚ or near‚ anyone that is NOT fully vaccinated.
3-person maximum allowed in Challenge or Integrity classrooms
Bathrooms to remain open with a 2-person maximum occupancy.

Please do not congregate near the docks or the dockhouse. Space yourselves accordingly and we will work to get everyone out on boats.

A cell phone or VHF will be required to be onboard for every boat going out.  Please remember to keep it where you can hear it if we need to contact you.

We are still not doing formal rentals or allowing gatherings of larger groups‚ but small groups of people gathering outdoors for lunches‚ dinners‚ etc. will be welcomed.  If you are uncertain about the size of your group‚ please check with Holly or Teresa beforehand. 

Anyone under the age of 16 cannot be vaccinated yet‚ so any children 16 or under will automatically cause the boat to fall under the COVID Regulations for Unvaccinated maximums.
COVID Regulations for UNVACCINATED Persons
Ensigns - 2 people. 4-person exception if ALL are from one household
Solings - 2 people. 3-person exception if ALL are from one household
Centerboards - 2 people. 3-persons if ALL are from one household
J-24 - 2 people and no Heavy Air usage until further notice. 3-person exception if ALL are from one household
Misty & Reliance - 3 people and no Heavy Air usage until further notice. 4-person exception if ALL are from one household
COVID Regulations for VACCINATED (EVERYONE on the boat must be vaccinated)
Ensigns - 4-persons
Solings - 3-persons
Centerboards - 3-persons
J-24 – 4-persons
Misty & Reliance – 4 persons
COVID Regulations that have been LIFTED FOR EVERYONE
Life Jackets (PFD’s) will be available for member and guest use again. 
Sailing Gloves are no longer required.  MCSC still recommends gloves of some type when sailing.

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