Challenge Courses

The Challenge Courses are an opportunity for sailors with previous experience to earn a Light Air rating. These Challenge Courses require a brief knowledge exam and an on-the-water practical exam with an MCSC instructor. If you have completed an ASA 101 (or higher) course‚ this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge and earn an MCSC rating for immediate enjoyment of Open Sailing privileges. This is also a good course to take if you were a previous MCSC member and have let your membership and ratings lapse.

Course Fee $75.00

Fridays - 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. 2(+) hours
The wind and weather must be appropriate for desired rating.

Prerequisite: 24 hours of sailboat helm time in wind conditions up to 15 knots.

Membership is not required.

Includes a short written exam‚ a familiarization with MCSC‚ and an hour of sailing. Your practical demonstrations will include the following:
•Knots; figure 8 stopper knot‚ bowline‚ clove hitch‚ half hitch and docking cleat.
•Ability to safely maneuver to and from the dock
•Ability to safely maneuver through the mooring basin
•Demonstrate proper Points of sail‚ sail trim‚ tacking and jibing
•Proper adherence to right of way
•Quick Turn – Figure 8 crew overboard maneuver for Light Air Ratings
•Quick Stop crew overboard maneuver for Medium and Heavy Air Ratings

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not pass the written portion of the class‚ we will give you time to work on your basic knowledge and re-test. We would direct you to resources to help you with your sailing knowledge‚ and are happy to assist you with any areas of weakness that we encounter. If a halt of the practical portion is determined to be necessary‚ we would hold your practical evaluation for a later date‚ at no additional charge.

Upon registration‚ you will be sent a confirmation letter‚ which includes a brief survey. Once it has been determined that you meet the criteria for the course‚ you will be confirmed and scheduled.

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