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The Boatyard - Winter Storage

The Milwaukee Community Sailing Center offers winter storage of boats at its facility on Milwaukee's lakefront to the greater community as space allows.

2022 - 2023 Winter Storage Contract

2022 Winter prices are as follows:

Boats: up to 20’ $227.00
  21’ $237.00
  22’ $247.00
  23’ $263.00
  24’ $314.00
  25’ $366.00
  26’ $412.00
  27’ $438.00
  28’ $500.00
  29’ $561.00
  30’ $592.00
  31’ $618.00
  32’ $649.00
  33’ $680.00
  34’ $757.00
  35’+ $809.00
Non-BBD Boat Launch/Haul $110.00
Mast step with Haul or Launch $25.00
Mast step without Haul or Launch $75.00
Mast winter storage $75.00
Dinghy/Kayak for Winter $100.00
Plywood for contact points $10.00
7.9% sales tax will be added to all storage and hauling prices.

Please note that we have done some extensive asphalt work recently. As a result, we are requiring ¾" thick, 2' x 2' square outdoor plywood pieces under each contact point of your boat's trailer, cradle, or jack stands (this includes tires). If you don't have 2' square plywood to put under your contact points, we will supply it and you will be billed $10 per contact point. Once your wood is purchased, it is yours to keep. We would encourage you to put your name on the wood for reference. Please ensure that your contact point wood is kept in good shape. If contact point wood has deteriorated, please replace it, or we will need to, and you will again be charged for the replacement wood.

The Milwaukee Community Sailing Center has a maximum hauling capacity of 4000 lbs. This total is gross weight including mast, sails and equipment. The Sailing Center will not exceed this capacity for any reason. Call Holly Church, 414-277-9094 with questions or email [email protected]

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