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The Staff - Fleet & Yard Operations Manager

Fleet & Yard Operations Manager Jared Drake
Jared Drake

Jared "JD" started working at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center in 1980 and has been sailing all of his life. Throughout his childhood, Jared often raced with his father across the United States. He is a skilled sailor, racer and teacher. Jared maintains the Sailing Center fleet, plus manages all yard and boat activities.

Jared is the consummate professional and a world-renowned racer/sailor. Jared has been on the US Olympic Sailing team racing Solings, he has also taken first place on the very competitive Lightning Southern Circuit. While Jared often sails all over the world, he still calls the waters of Lake Michigan home.

As if all of the above wasn't enough to keep JD busy, you can also catch him playing bass and singing the occasional tune with his band "Bean Hoy".

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