While MCSC is a teaching and is not a “racing” organization per se‚ sailboat racing can be a terrific way to learn more about boats‚ handling‚ trim and teamwork‚ in a fun and sporting format. So MCSCs members enjoy a wide variety of sailboat racing opportunities.

MCSC Organized Racing:

MCSC organizes and supports three types of racing activities:

1.) MCSC Enrichment Racing is low key‚ inclusive‚ and instructional: a way to get more time on the water‚ meet other members and learn new skills. We work to pair experienced sailors with people who have less experience.

Enrichment Racing Details:

2.) MCSC Regattas are special events mix MCSC boats and crew with privately-owned boats and their crew. Trophies are awarded for each regatta and every event is governed by its own sailing instructions.

MCSC Regatta Details:

3.) One design racing mixing MCSC J-24s and crew with privately-owned J-24s and their crew.

J-24 Racing Details:

If you are interested in racing or learning about any MCSC Racing described above‚ please speak with an MCSC staff member about getting involved‚ watch the Jib Sheet for schedules‚ or register for a racing class.

Partner-Organized Racing

MCSC Members who aspire to race or race more are urged to reach out to Nick to discuss goals and develop a study plan to become race-ready and then to make connections with other Milwaukee area sailboat racing organizers to learn more about their events.

Milwaukee Bay Offshore Series and SASS

Milwaukee and South Shore Yacht Clubs cooperatively organize a series of weekend regattas geared for privately-owned boats and crews. Some MCSC members crew or skipper privately-owned boats in these events. Members interested in learning more should attend the early-season crew-search meetings to find a spot on a boat. Members with private boats should reach to their respective club for registration information.
Friday Evenings

MAST Racing Fridays

MAST is a low-key‚ fun-loving fleet of privately-owned PHRF boats. Many MCSC members crew or skipper their own boats in MAST races. Members interested in learning more should inquire with MAST Racing regarding open crew spots. Members with private boats should visit MAST Racing for registration information.

Queen’s Cup

Hosted by the South Shore Yacht Club‚ the Queen’s Cup is a historic offshore sailboat race featuring one of sailing’s oldest trophies. The race starts in Milwaukee Bay and finishes in one of the communities on the Michigan shore of Lake Michigan. The race is open to all boats with a valid Lake Michigan Performance Handicap Racing Fleet rating certificate or ORC rating certificate. There is often a shorthanded fleet (with a limit of two crew per boat)‚ a cruising fleet for non-spinnaker monohulls‚ and there may be starts for one design boats such as the GL52‚ J/111‚ Beneteau 40.7 and 36.7‚ and Tartan 10s. Some MCSC members crew on or skipper their own privately-owned boats in this storied event. Members with private boats should visit South Shore Yacht Club’s website for registration information.

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