Adult Sailing Instruction

Laser (ISLA) Experience

In MCSC’s Laser Experience Program‚ Members who have taken an Intro to Centerboard class‚ have a centerboard endorsement‚ and are actively sailing‚ meet‚ rig and sail together routinely aboard our fleet of Lasers. The goal is not to race‚ but to practice skills‚ play games‚ build strength and stamina‚ and support each other on the water. You will develop expertise in hiking‚ carving‚ formation sailing‚ kinetics (the legal kind)‚ and capsize recovery‚ among many other finesse elements.

There are two Laser Experience Sessions most weeks of the summer: Monday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.

There is a $10 per session fee to fund support staff and to cover wear and tear on the equipment. Financial support is available. Any single sailor can sign up for 60% of all of the available sessions. This will ensure that there is always room for new people to try.

Smaller sailors (under 160 lbs.) may use a smaller "radial" rigs depending on conditions. Sailors over 160 lbs. will usually sail "full-rig" boats. Open Access Members who have their own Laser are welcome to Signup‚ pay the $10 fee‚ and launch and sail it in the Program.

Finally‚ we will only sail in "light" or "medium" conditions and will make the call on the morning of. Rainchecks will include a credit for a future session. No walk-ons or waitlist.

Prerequisites: Centerboard Light Air Rating Required
Class Size
Minimum 4 - Maximum 12
Monday afternoons or Wednesday evenings
Course Fee
Membership Required
Laser Experience
Monday afternoons or Wednesday Evenings
Depends on day of the week
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