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Winging Clinics

Wingfoiling is coming to Milwaukee Bay!

Milwaukee Community Sailing Center members are invited to sign up for one of two entry-level clinics led by Bob Cook‚ the Midwest’s preeminent “winging” guru.

Wingsurfing and wingfoiling‚ recent developments based on windsurfing and kitesurfing‚ make wind-propelled surfing accessible to many more people‚ since the gear is simple and the methods are quick to grasp‚ especially for a dinghy sailor. In winging‚ there is no mast to hold the sail — the sailor is the mast -- so it is easier to balance on the board‚ get going‚ and to power up and down. Unlike kitesurfing‚ which requires room for kites on long “strings” (and can launch sailors into the air) winging can be done in smaller spaces‚ offers direct control and feedback to the sailor who remains near the water‚ but is still thrilling. In wingsurfing‚ the sailor stands on a surfboard. In wingfoiling the surfboard is married with a foil and the sailor begins to “fly”.

Students will receive shoreside hands-on instruction and then experience winging on the water. Students and instructors will board powerboats to head out to an appropriate anchorage where students will practice balancing‚ managing the wing‚ recovering from a fall‚ and starting again. When ready‚ the student can try foiling.

Prerequisites: these clinics are open to adult members who have taken an Intro to Centerboard class‚ have an MCSC Centerboard Endorsement‚ and who supply their own 3mm neoprene wetsuit to stay warm in the water. Participants will be asked to hold open two entire subsequent days -- a Friday and a Saturday from 10–8pm — though instructional time will total 6 hours. In those two days‚ we will use forecasts to decide when to meet and be on the water. If the forecast for the entire period seems inappropriate‚ we will work to reschedule.

Clinic fee is $300‚ and includes supplied equipment (wings‚ boards‚ and foils) and PFDs‚ water and snacks‚ but NOT wetsuits‚ which must be student supplied.
Class Size
Minimum 4 - Maximum 6
Friday or Saturday‚ 10am to dusk
Course Fee
Membership Required
Friday or Saturday‚ June 23 or 24‚ 2023
10:00am to dusk
Friday‚ September 15‚ 10am to 4:30pm‚ 2023
10:00am to 4:30pm
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