2022/23 Winter Seminars and Classes

The Mystery that is your Engine

As a former Briggs and Stratton Engineer‚ Mike Winnemuller knows about all there is to know about the Internal Combustion Engine. Whether yours runs on diesel fuel or gasoline‚ Mike can tell you how to keep it running. Using Sailing Center equipment‚ Mike will demonstrate basic care and maintenance of an outboard motor. He’ll explain the basics of diesel operation. He’ll walk you through the problems created by and solutions to new fuel formulations. And he’ll show you what happens if you don’t take the time to care for your auxiliary.

About your instructor: Mike has been a flight instructor and sailing instructor for more years than he can remember. His background is in engineering‚ so if you ask him a simple question‚ you could get a long explanation in physics.
Class Size
Minimum 10 - Maximum 15
Tuesday‚ November 29‚ 2022‚ 6-8pm
Course Fee
The Mystery that is
November 29‚ 2022
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