2022/23 Winter Seminars and Classes

Splicing 101 and 102

In back to back sessions‚ resident rigging expert Joe (JP) Edwards will teach you how splice and whip lines for many applications. First‚ you’ll learn to make a clean and classic eye splice in 3 strand rope (for docklines and anchoring applications). In the second session‚ you’ll learn to splice braided lines (the type of line used in halyards‚ sheets and control lines on sailboats.) These courses limited to seven people due to the individual attention required‚ so sign up early. It is suggested‚ but not required‚ that you sign up for both sessions‚ since one builds upon the other. Walk-Ups will not be accepted.
If you have your own marlinspike or a hefty and sharp sailing knife‚ bring it. And plan to purchase and bring your own 3/8 fid to the class on March 22. (Search 3/8 fid on your favorite online store and expect to spend between $8-15 dollars.) It will come in useful after you’ve learned to splice.

About JP: A lifelong student‚ Joe ’J.P.’ Edwards says he has been sailing ’All my life? Not yet!’. He loves All Things Boat‚ having begun by learning to maintain antique craft from the last millennium‚ and eagerly adopts new materials and techniques. He especially enjoys marlinespike (’rope’) work and finds that the best way to keep his skills - and tools - sharp is by sharing them with other people.
Class Size
Minimum 5 - Maximum 8
Wednesday‚ March 15 and 22 2023‚ 6-8pm
Course Fee
Splicing 101 and 102
March 15 and 22‚ 2023
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