2022/23 Winter Seminars and Classes

How Risky is Sailing‚ really?

Sailing seems scary and dangerous‚ right? But what are we afraid of? Driving home from the sailing center may be more dangerous than the sailing you did while you were here. Mike Winnemuller‚ both sailor and pilot‚ will help us think about sailing risk as a pilot thinks about flying risk. And he’ll suggest an aviation-like data-driven approach to risk management and process improvement‚ supplemented with simple checklists and good habits to help you to help you and your crew to stay safe on the water.
Class Size
Minimum 10 - Maximum 25
Tuesday‚ April 4‚ 2023‚ 6-8pm
Course Fee
How Risky is Sailing
April 4‚ 2023
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