2022/23 Winter Seminars and Classes

Those Peskier Rules

As a continuation of the seminar‚ “Those Pesky Rules” (December 1‚ 2022)‚ Nick Hayes offers “Those Peskier Rules”‚ based in part on Dave Dellenbaugh’s “Rules IQ” quizzes.

In this seminar‚ we will study on-the-water situations where more than one rule applies‚ and right-of-way may not be obvious to competitors. Participants will answer rules questions silently‚ reveal their answers‚ discuss and debate differences of opinion‚ and then learn which answers were correct‚ and why.

This seminar will be particularly useful to returning and new race skippers‚ members planning to join a J-24 racing team or participate in MAST or area club racing.
Class Size
Minimum 15 - Maximum 30
Tuesday‚ April 25th‚ 2023‚ 6-8pm
Course Fee
Those Peskier Rules
Tuesday‚ April 25th‚ 2023
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