Adult Sailing Instruction

The Sailing Center’s nationally acclaimed basic sailing instruction incorporates classroom theory and on-the-water practice in an 8-session‚ 24-hour course over two weeks to make learning to sail safe‚ easy and fun.

Upon receiving a rating‚ get free use of MCSC boats in the conditions for which you are rated.

Learn basic sailing techniques like tacking‚ jibing and docking. Become familiar with boat rigging‚ sailing terms and safety inspection as well as knot tying‚ right of way and the Quick Turn crew overboard maneuver. Experienced volunteer instructors sail with students the first several sessions. After successfully completing the Basic Course‚ students earn a Light Air rating entitling them to take additional courses and participate in Open Sailing.

Adult Basic Evening and Day Courses meet Monday - Thursday for two weeks. Fridays may be used as make-up days in case of inclement weather. Cost: $240.00

Adult Weekend Intensive Courses meet Friday‚ 5 p.m. to sunset‚ Saturday‚ 9-5‚ and Sunday 9-5. These courses are limited to 6 students‚ so they fill up quickly.Cost: $300.00

Students in the Adult Basic courses must be members of MCSC in order to sign up for classes.

**Please note: We expect the lakefront to be accessible during the DNC July 13-17. This may change. If it does‚ we will be cancelling or rescheduling all classes scheduled for this time period. We appreciate your understanding!**

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