Youth Sailing Instruction

Join MCSC’s Youth Sailing Program and sail on Lake Michigan. Even if you’ve never sailed before‚ you can learn.

Things to know about MCSC Youth Courses
• Youth Level 1‚ 2‚ and 3 courses run half-days Monday through Thursday for two weeks.
• Youth MCSC STEM CAMP runs Monday through Friday full-days for one week.
• Youth Membership is available upon attainment of an Air Rating and payment of $125 Youth Membership fee. Membership allows access to boats based on designated ratings.
• Students will receive a confirmation letter with additional course information upon enrollment.
• Parent or Guardian permission is required along with a completed medical form.
• Students must have a certified swim-check of 75 yards on file before being able to participate.

The Milwaukee Community Sailing Center reaches out to youth through numerous sailing programs. Our goal is to bring youth from all areas of the community and from all income levels to the Sailing Center to introduce them to sailing. After just their first sail on the water‚ children clearly start to become empowered. They begin to realize that they can steer not only a boat - but also their own lives and the choices they make as well. This program develops leadership skills such as self-confidence‚ teamwork‚ problem solving‚ decision-making‚ critical thinking and situational awareness.

Our youth program incorporates a hands-on approach to the basics of sailing and water safety. Students learn boat handling‚ sail theory‚ rules of the road and they learn and practice crew overboard-maneuvering skills along with capsize recovery skills.

Scholarships are available that afford youth without means the ability to participate in this structured hands-on program through our scholarships and sliding scale fees program. After you’ve earned a rating‚ if you become a member‚ you can participate in Open Sailing with classmates or family members and guests over the age of 18.

Cost for the two-week sailing courses is: $240
Cost for the one-week courses (STEM and SailVenture): $400

**Please note: We expect the lakefront to be accessible during the DNC July 13-17. This may change. If it does‚ we will be cancelling or rescheduling all classes scheduled for this time period. We appreciate your understanding!**

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