Youth Sailing Instruction

Join MCSC’s Youth Sailing Program and sail on Lake Michigan. Even if you’ve never sailed before‚ you can learn.

**COVID-19 Updates below**

Our youth program incorporates a hands-on approach to the basics of sailing and water safety. Students learn boat handling‚ sail theory‚ rules of the road and they learn and practice crew overboard-maneuvering skills along with capsize recovery skills.

Cost for the two-week sailing courses is: $240
Cost for the one-week courses (STEM and SailVenture): $400

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COVID-19 Update and Information for Parents:

MCSC has been working with the guidelines from the CDC‚ the Wisconsin Governor‚ and Milwaukee County and City officials‚ including Milwaukee Parks officials. We have also been working with US Sailing‚ the American Camp Association‚ and other Wisconsin sailing organizations. We are all talking about our ability to get sailing students on the water‚ as safely as possible. There is new information every day‚ so plans continue to be fluid.

This is what we know now‚ and what we are planning:
• We are limiting the number of students in each class to 8 students. Parents who registered early will be contacted if they are in a class that has exceeded that number‚ to see if we can move some students around. Already registered students will be prioritized in terms of scheduling.

• Students will be required to wear masks or neck gaiters while on land. On the water‚ they will not be wearing these over their mouths‚ as research has shown them to be a safety hazard.

• Students will be washing/sanitizing their hands often.

• We will maintain physical distancing where practical‚ but parents and guardians should be aware that in any emergency situation physical distancing will not be a priority.

• If your student or a family member with whom they have been living has had a recent fever of 100 degrees or higher‚ a cough‚ or shortness of breath‚ within 14 days of starting classes‚ they will not be admitted to class. If they become ill during class‚ you will need to come pick up your student.

• You will be dropping off your student at the gate to MCSC. We will be doing a verbal health check with you at every drop off‚ to confirm their general health and that of their family. Your sailor is the only one who should exit the car‚ and we will have them go to a location on the grass. Pick up will be the same‚ in that we will keep students on the grass and have them come out to cars one at a time. I will ask for your patience as we smooth out our system.

• In case of inclement weather‚ we will not hold classes. Instead‚ we will offer an alternative STEM lab or online sailing lesson for students to complete at home. Level 3 students will also be offered open sailing opportunities to build their skills over the summer.

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