2023/2024 Winter Seminars and Classes

Fundamental Sailing Knots

The MCSC instructional rubric includes 9 knots that are essential to sailing. Of course‚ there are many more excellent knots to know‚ but these are the knots to master as you progress from entry-level to advanced sailing lessons‚ and that will be useful to know in all of your sailing.

- The figure 8 stopper
- A bowline
- A cleat hitch
- A double overhand stopper
- A reef or square knot
- 2 half hitches
- A clove hitch
- A sheet bend
- A rolling hitch

In this hands-on class‚ we will step through the procedure of tying and untying and show how you’ll know if you have tied a knot correctly. We will talk about when and where a knot is well suited to a job‚ and when a knot is not the best choice for a given job. And participants will leave with links and reference materials with which to practice.
Class Size
Minimum 8 - Maximum 12
December 5th‚ 2023‚ 6 - 8pm
Course Fee
Fundamental Knots A
Tuesday‚ December 5th‚ 2023
6 - 8 pm
Fundamental Knots B
March 19‚ 2024
6 - 8 pm
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