2023/2024 Winter Seminars and Classes

Celestial Navigation 201

As an optional follow up to his large-group seminar on the key concepts of Celestial Navigation‚ Thad Petteplace returns to offer a special‚ four hour hands-on experience using a sextant to find your place on earth. In order to do this‚ we will meet in the morning at 8am and work until noon. Each student will take sightings of the rising sun and plot their measurements.

The seminar will happen on either April 4th or April 11th‚ depending on the weather forecast‚ so plan to pencil in both dates. We will call you a few days in advance. Expect to arrive at the sailing center by 8 am. Coffee and muffins will be served.

Thad has been a recreational sailor since the mid ’80s‚ when he learned how to do celestial navigation. He describes it as a fascinating combination of sailing‚ astronomy and math that gives one a sense of connection to sailors from centuries past. He continues to keep in practice even in the age of GPS.
Class Size
Minimum 4 - Maximum 10
April 4th or April 11th (weather depending)‚ 8am to noon
Course Fee
Celestial Navigation
April 4th or April 11th (TBD)‚ 2024
8am to noon
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