2023/2024 Winter Seminars and Classes

Basic Racing Tactics

Does sailboat racing seem mysterious or off limits? Have you tried racing but wondered what was going on most of the time? Does racing seem like a foreign language? Do you find yourself at the back most of the time?

In this introductory seminar‚ Nick Hayes will walk through the fundamentals of sailing a boat in a race‚ highlighting situations that may arise and‚ importantly‚ the thinking that goes into preparation‚ crew coordination and on-the-water decisions. This course will build up from geometry‚ strategy and rules‚ and then explain the fundamental tactics based on those factors. It is the first in a two-part series‚ setting the stage for "Next Level Racing Tactics".

Newcomers are welcome‚ but basic sailing skills — points of sail‚ common maneuvers and boat handling experiences — are suggested.
Class Size
Minimum 10 - Maximum 40
February 22‚ 2024‚ 6-8 pm
Course Fee
Basic Racing Tactics
February 22‚ 2024
6-8 pm
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